RELIK 2023
Reproduction of Human Capital - mutual links and connections
November 23-24, 2023

Instructions for authors

Each main author and each co-author have to be registered. Papers must be submitted by the main author (first author listed on the title page of the paper.) Each participant can be the main author of one paper and the co-author of a maximum of one other paper.


For uploading an abstract, you have to register. After login, you can upload an abstract. To register and log in, use the links on the right above. To devise an abstract, use the enclosed sample file (.doc example or .docx example). Abstracts will be reviewed and a list of accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website.


You can upload your papers after login and navigating to the My Papers page. Please, use the exemplary file for writing your paper (.doc file or .docx file).

Please note that it is necessary to comply with these instructions:

  • The extent of an article is 8 to 10 pages.
  • In the Introduction, the current level of knowledge must be described. It is necessary to use relevant references, especially papers and texts from conferences from the ISI Web of Knowledge database.
  • For writting formulas, please use the Equation Editor from Microsoft Word 2003 (you can use exemplary formula from the sample paper).
  • Do not number pages.
  • All references must meet MLA or APA standards! Parenthetical citations must follow common rules.

Each paper will be peer-reviewed twice and anonymously, the result being either acceptance of it without reservations, acceptance of the paper after rewriting it according to comments, or refusal of the paper.