Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-80-245-2499-3
RELIK 2023
Reproduction of Human Capital - mutual links and connections
November 23-24, 2023


Dear colleagues,

the Department of Demography at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the Prague University of Economics
and Business, has organized the sixteenth international scientific conference on the theme "Reproduction of
Human Capital - mutual links and connections". The content of the conference builds on previous events held
within the framework of the long-term research project 2D06026 "Reproduction of Human Capital," funded by the
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of the National Research Program II. Despite the conclusion of
the project, the conference continues under the auspices of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the
Prague University of Economics and Business, as part of the project IGA 11/2023.

Contemporary demography faces a myriad of challenges that shape and influence the composition and behavior
of populations. The increase in the average age of the population in most countries presents challenges related to
the care of older generations, pensions, and healthcare. The trend towards lower birth rates worldwide has
implications for population growth and may lead to imbalances in social security and the workforce. Global
migration influences population composition, posing cultural and economic challenges, particularly in the areas of
migrant integration and community sustainability. Changes in population structure bring challenges in education,
employment, and healthcare, with each age group having its specific needs. Demographic changes have
consequences for the economy, necessitating adjustments to the labor market, social systems, and pension
funds. Transformations in traditional family models raise questions about social roles, support, and caregiving for
dependent family members.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach encompassing social, economic, health, and
cultural factors. Demography is a key element in shaping policies and strategies for sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life in society. Similar to previous years, we have chosen to provide a complementary perspective to the demographic view from other disciplines. We hope that the mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge will enable us to broaden our perspective on the issues of human capital. This year also saw the continuation of a special section for young researchers, where students and doctoral candidates, not only from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, presented their contributions.

We are delighted with the continued and growing interest in this already traditional conference, both locally and
internationally. We are confident that it will help us expand and complement not only our knowledge but also
facilitate personal connections among all participants.

Thank you for your participation, and we wish the conference great success.

Jitka Langhamrová

Chair of the Organizing and Program Committee