Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-80-245-2466-5
RELIK 2022
Reproduction of Human Capital - mutual links and connections
November 10-11, 2022


Dear colleagues,

The Department of Demography of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the Prague University of Economics and Business has already organized the fifteenth international scientific conference on the topic "Reproduction of human capital (mutual links and connections)". Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this year's conference took place online. Conference content is connected to the conference held as part of long-term research project 2D06026 „Reproduction of Human Capital" funded by the Ministry of Education under the National Research Programme II. However, due to the completion of the project, it is further organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of Prague University of Economics and Business in the IGA 18/2021 project. The conference was also supported by a financial donation from Česká spořitelna, a. s.

Developed populations reached the stage of irrevocable ageing. Can the societies that are mostly made up of such populations live or hardship awaits them? How to solve this problem? How to see the problem of human capital in a broader context?

As a result of the demographic ageing, age structure of the population is changing and the elderly population is increasing. This will continue to have a range of economic consequences for society. Reproduction of human resources and human capital is now becoming the most important factor that affects and will affect the development of national economy.

As in previous years, we have decided to supplement the demographic perspective with view of other disciplines and we hope that based on the mutual transfer of experience and knowledge we can further expand the view of the issue of human capital and highlight the importance of state investment in human capital. Also this year, a special section for young researchers was held, where students and doctoral students not only from Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the Prague University of Economics and Business. In this year contributed many participants from abroad with their papers into the conference program.

We are very pleased with the ever-increasing interest in this traditional conference in the Czech Republic and abroad. We believe it will help us to broaden and expand not only our knowledge but also to establish personal contacts between all participants.

All these contributions have successfully passed the double-blind peer-review process.
We wish the conference success.

Jitka Langhamrová
chairman of the organizing and programme committee